john wood,  builder's realtor

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M.L.S.   Listing   Features 

NO HASSLE ON SITE !    info taken by phone
NO LANGUAGE BARRIER !   john is an ex-builder
NO HIGH LISTING FEE !    builder pays  fee  at start
NO AGENT SHIELDING YOU !   builder's name is in listing 
NO REALTOR SIGN !   buyer w/o agent feels he buys direct
NO DESIGN WORRIES !  free plan review by leading designer
NO RENEWAL FEES !   builder may change realtors & return free
NO DIRT WORRIES !   dirtalert subsciption included($400 value)
NO VAGUE SHOWING ACTIVITY !   showings are called to builder
NO INTERNET FEES !   builder spec usually on & other websites

Spec House Listing in M.L.S.(lot listings on fewer sites)

listing in
listing in ebby .com
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listing in
listing in
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listings on too many websites to mention

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modified: November 25, 2008